Friday, August 30, 2013

Do you think Malaysian should be like CHINESE?

Do you think Malaysian should be like Chinese?

Or the Chinese should be like Malaysian?

Can you call the Malays as RACIST at their own land?

Or can the Malays call the Chinese as RACIST when they refuse to become a Malaysian? 

Can we call the chinese as Malaysian when they againts their own country's constitutional rigth for the Malays?

Do we need to remind the chinese who they are and where they came from? Then they call the Malays is also a migrant came from Indonesia...

Can they explain why we never had a chinese Sultan since hundred of years ago and why Tan Cheng Lock need to request a million warganegara for the Chinese from the Malay Leaders?   

The chinese think that the Malay's Rigth should go and all the Malaysian should be treated equally. Do you think the Malay leaders are so dumb to allow migrants to become warganegara without protecting the Malays with constituency?  

If someone disagree with system of the country. Can we still call them as Malaysian? Why not just migrate again and pick the best country suit to your appetite. No one will hold you back. Why keep hurting the Malays who willing to share the country's wealth for so long with you?

If you claim that the chinese is already contribute a lot to country and they deserve to enjoy an equal right, do you ever take into account what are the contributions made by the foreign investors from Japan and USA?  But yet they never claim anything far like you do as long as they enjoy the decent return.

Don't you ever think that you are too rude enough when you come to our land try make a living and we willing to accept you with a certain condition. Suddenly, after a while you claim that there is nothing differentiate between us and you want the condition to go? Who should go then? When you not willing to accept the condition of course la you the one should go!

If you think the chinese is already Malaysian, why you still try to speak using your own language and learn at your own school? Or perhaps you felt that you are not belong to these country and try hard not to asimilate with the rest.. THEN YOU STILL CALL YOURSELF AS A MALAYSIAN?